Candied Heart: Glass Corpse (Candied Heart, Pt. 4)21.02.2022She could see no sky, no ground, only the walls of a ravine. A wound that had outgrown her body.
A Nightless Place Devoid of Dreams...09.12.2021He found five people sitting naked in a circle.
Candied Heart: Red Under (Candied Heart, Pt. 3)15.11.2021The animals here were made out of themselves.
Pigs (a)28.09.2021I’m going to look up.
Pigs (b)28.09.2021“Where’s Jason?”
Candied Heart: Season 1, Episode 14 (Candied Heart, Pt. 2)05.08.2021The body was an instrument.
Super Mario Evil Kill2021The first thing I noticed about the cover was the mature tag. Then, that it was also a Mario game.
Photograph of Anyone2020“So… it’s just me now?”
Advanced Training for Advanced People2019There was something weird about all these people just hopping around in synchronicity, blankly staring forward in concentration.
Bear2019"Peek-a-boo! It’s me! The Bear!"
The Gibson Feet2019In my hometown, there is a phenomenon known simply as “the Gibson Feet”.
They Found the Moon and They Say It'll Never Come Back2019I would try to not be seen by anyone on my way from the front door to the garage.
The World Turned Over2019Something washed up on shore.
Dentist Appointment2018“We kept telling him he doesn’t need to be afraid of being a dentist.”
The Lack of Things2018He put his hand on the window and I could see the ring on his finger. it me or did the creators actively try to cram as much fucked up shit in there?
Auf Wiedersehen2017Eva listened to the recording crackling. She believed she heard twigs snapping under footsteps.
Drowned in Darkness2017Her eyes begged me to listen carefully. She shook her head without breaking eye contact, then said:
The Icipher2017She looked up to me for a moment. Her eyes were blood red, with one hidden behind her hair.
It Was Impossible to Get Bored in this Bathtub2017I woke up in the bathtub again.
An Old Breath2017We heard a cracking sound.
That Night in May2017The violet glow grew brighter until it turned into a color unbeknownst to us, still we could see it.
Witness Extinction 2017Time travel was dangerous. I think science-fiction made that point clear.
The Smell of Rain2016---
Lady L.2014“Do you exist?”
Unfelt (Un-Sense, Pt. 3)2014“It’s the monster.” I screamed. “The one who doesn’t want to be seen!”
Angel Voice2013“Where are you going?” I shouted. “To the Other Place! The Angel will speak!”
Behind Me2013No, I’ve been here for a month now and I’m entirely certain... There was someone standing behind me.
Candied Heart: Season 2, Episode 1 (Candied Heart, Pt. 1)2013This day couldn’t get any better!
Dead to the World2013I loved her and she didn’t need to tell me that she loved me.
Expressions2013He brings light to my heart.
Knowing2013Knowledge is a terrible, terrible burden.
My Little Angel2013I wait for the angels.
Snow Melancholy2013His paw prints in the snow were always the first thing I noticed...
00:002013It was New Year’s Eve. There would be no fireworks tonight.
Bad Ending.2012Grandma always said that a bad ending can ruin the whole book.
Followed2012A faceless head
The Girl in the Tower2012There's a girl in a tower
The Light2012I turned on the lights and all was normal again.
Unseen (Un-Sense, Pt. 1)2012I made the mistake of looking in the mirror again. My smile vanished.
Unseen 2 (Un-Sense, Pt. 2)2012I’m not a killer.
Them?In the distance I saw another centaur.
An Apocalyptic Adventure?---
Kittens Playing God2020-2021The story of Lasha, Jaliehv's usurpation and the Day the Sky Opened
City of Threads---The story of LJ New Years, Jaliehv's Legacy and the Flesh Artist
Chaos Crisis---The story of a breaking universe, chaos and new gods
Colorful Angel---The story of Clockwork, the endeavor to stop the blackbone plague
Abnormal---The daily life at a school
Ghost Town---The story of a town caught between two worlds
Artificial---The story of making first contact with the planet Prascad
UltraPhobia---The story of prophecy, amnesia and fear
The Color of Infinity---The story of science, creation and hubris
Broken Circle2016-The story of fixing a broken world
Celestial Shimmer------
Hole Heart------
Venom Memories------
Crash's Ultimate OC Text Meme01.02.2010Character: Molly
Movie Meme07.05.2010How many must-see movies have I watched?
OC Meme07.05.2010Character: Viola
OC Meme03.08.2010Character: Natalie