Welcome! This page functions as a collection of all my artistic works. You can click the buttons up there to look around.

Art - Here you can find all the art I drew over the years, from the pieces I drew in kindergarten till today. You'll also find gift or trade art of my characters there.

Stories - Here are all my written stories. On the right you'll find stories set in the Spiralverse and other longer stories, as well as Memes as known from DeviantArt. On the right you'll find all short stories not part of a longer series or bigger world.

Webcomics - Here you'll find all the comics I did, including longer series, one-off comics or OCT pages.

Characters - Profiles for all the characters you'll find in my stories and comics. Includes all the art that exists of them. Just type into the search bar the name, species, gender or story to narrow down the list.

Worldbuilding - Look up all the information on things and concepts in my stories. Misc. - Anything else, like that old meme I did or the song playlists I did for various stories.

Though for now, a lot of pages will not be there yet. Have patience while I slowly complete the site.

Alternatively, you can find me here:
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