Siqri Species

Siqri has six native intelligent species. It is possible that all of them are Parahumans and resulted from failed attempts to create Asterians. These species are called Ka Ba Ma Sam, Lakwyks, Cixnurs, Demali, Daydarians and Lodara. They all live separated from each other, but engage in trade and have peaceful relationships with eachother.

Ka Ba Ma Sam

The Ka Ba Ma Sam are humanoids with rabbit-like features. They are covered in short fur that ranges in color between blue, purple, pink, red, white and black. Rarely it can have patterns like stripes or spots. They have long, soft ears they can move articulately, but are too weak to lift or hold anything. Their eyes have dark scleras and their irises can have any color. They have sharp teeth and long tongues that reach 50 cms on average. They produce excessive saliva when in a hunting mood, which is a thick, sticky pink or violet fluid, which they use to mark prey. Ka Ba Ma Sam give birth to 6-12 offspring at once. They are carnivorous and predators. They live in forests and are good climbers.

Ka Ba Ma Sam have a violent culture and value fighting prowess above all else. It is common for them to kill each other simply to train themselves in combat and cull out the weaker ones. They don't have any special bonds with their parents and siblings and only keep track of blood relations for mating purposes. Traditionally, one has to kill a Ka Ba Ma Sam of equal skill on their birthday. Ka Ba Ma Sam unwilling to participate in this culture are usually killed off if they aren't able to flee. They speak English but modified it to be spoken in short harsh bursts. They split up words into their syllables and have changed the pronounciation of some words to be clearer spoken this way (Example: "The quick brah on fox jum pit oh ver the lay zee dog"). Their names are usually made out of three syllables. They have no surnames.


Lakwyks are humanoids with octopus-like features. They are almost completely boneless and reach an upright stance through water pressure. They have minimal organs, which are all located within the skull. The only organ located outside it is the stomach, which takes up the majority of the torso. They can survive as just the head but are only equipped to digest liquids that way. Their arms are very stretchy and are often used as the preferred method of locomotion, by being thrown like a grappling hook and pullling the light Lakwyk body to it. Lakwyks have a weighted bone located in their hand which helps throw their arms over long distances. Additionally to their fingers, they also have a sucker cup in their palm to hold on to surfaces with. Their arms can stretch up to 500 meters but they usually can only throw it about a hundred meters. Their legs are equally stretchy but have no weighted bone to help with reach. They have four short tentacles sprouting from their heads in a random arrangement. They have no ears and are deaf. They communicate primarily through writing but also learn sign language. They can secrete ink from their fingers that dissipates after a while so they usually just write on the nearest surface to talk.

Lakwyks naturally live near the sea and close to forests. They prefer to build tall structures to live in and as such most of their homes are built on top of each other. Lakwyks only eat small snacks so their light bodies aren't weighted down while digesting. As such, they developed a cuisine focused on small candies, which are enjoyed across the world and are their most valued export. They are also really good at making psychedelics.


Cixnurs are humanoids with blue skin and two long tentacles sprouting from their head that are able to smell. These are called Scentacles. They live further inland and sustain themselves through agriculture. They live isolated and rarely leave their cities, preferring its carefully cultivated scent and all its accomodations. They have a very pleasure-oriented society and are responsible for most quality-of-life inventions in the world. They are the most technologically advanced and always strive to make life easier and more fun.


Demali are humanoids with lizard-like features. They have soft scales that can be simple single-colored or have elaborate, colorful patterns. They have long, thin tails and clawed hands. Their teeth are sharp and they have long, forked tongues. Their lungs are able to breathe even the most polluted and smoke-filled air. Their bodies are heat-resistant and they can secrete flammable sweat. Demali can engulf themselves in flame without being harmed. They live off eating insects and used to spend most of their time hunting them to eat their fill. They've since learned to keep insects as livestock and breed them excessively, making food widely available. They've used their new free time organizing more aspects of their society in the most productive way. Unlike the Cixnurs though, they don't care as much about pleasure and instead their goal is strength and self-improvement. Demali are the only other species Ka Ba Ma Sam acknowledge and generally worthy rivals. The only reason they aren't at war is the hostile environment the Demali live in.


Daydarians are humanoids with long snake-like tails instead of legs. Their tails reach 25 meters in length but their proportions are smaller. Their width is generally half that of the other species. They live in caves and near the sea and spend equal amounts of time on land and in water. They cannot breathe underwater but have big lungs that can store lots of air. They are very shy and hide instinctively from everything unknown.


Lodara are large humanoids that live in northern coastal regions. They are tall and spindly but usually bunch up into small forms. They have an organ inside their chest that can be super-heated. They use this to convert seawater into a thick steam to hide in. The red glow of it then attracts insects into their mouths, which is their primary food source. They also hunt larger prey though, if it comes near. They can unfold their bodies rapidly to strike nearby prey and even if it gets away, Lodara can usually outrun it with their long legs. They have no eyes and a wide, lipless mouth, like that of an anglerfish. They are able to mimic sounds incredibly well and use this too to lure in prey.

Eventually Lodara had moved further inland and began farming animals to provide their food. They have developed a deep appreciation for life over time and are the most friendly species on the planet. They try to reach out to all other species and make friends with them and can be found spread out across settlements around the world. They are even on friendly terms with Ka Ba Ma Sam, who regard them as off-limits and in exchange the Lodara will tend to their livestocks.