Nalisatna Species

Nalisatna is home to six intelligent species. The Sjetta and Attejs are native to this planet and the Fleshless are a magically altered offshoot of them. The Asterians arrived later on an arc ship. The Lemadoren are an offshoot of them. Humans arrived most recently.

Sjetta & Attejs

Sjetta and Attejs initially considered themselves as one species. At some point, the light-based variants of the species split off and renamed themselves Attejs.

Sjetta and Attejs are made out of a dark and light matter respectively. They can absorb light or darkness and repair their bodies with it. They don't need to eat or breathe. They can only die through soul damage. Sjetta are able to size-shift, growing in length like a shadow would. Some feel most comfortable small, some want to be tall. Attejs cannot size-shift and only grow to a meter tall. Sjetta have white eyes on their face of a random amount and arrangement. Attejs lack eyes entirely and instead see with flexible antennas with yellow orbs on their ends. Sjetta can walk up walls while Attejs are subjected to gravity but have insectoid wings to fly.

Culturally, Sjetta are known to be trusting and gullible while Attejs are manipulative and deceitful. This is mostly the ideals instilled in them by their leaders. None of these traits are seen as bad by the respective culture but is maligned by the other.


Fleshless have been created by Jaliehv for her plot to absorb the powers of all other gods. The goal was to create a creature that can possess a god, copy their powers and transfer them to her. Valyra is the only Fleshless that functions like that. Most of the failed Fleshless created can only copy non-magical traits. The earliest Fleshless can still use magic but can't possess or copy others at all.

Fleshless are made out of magically altered Attejs souls. They lack a body, so they have to possess one to interact with the world. Their messed up souls can't use magic, so they can't create a Banshee appearance either. If they possess and copy the abilities of a shapeshifter, they can grow their own independent body though. There are about 50 Fleshless in existence.


Asterians are Parahumans with traits of a random animal. Their genes have nanomachines in them that edit embryos to develop traits of a randomly selected animal. The nanomachines actually pull the necessary genetic information from the memory of the universe, which is how it can produce Asterians of extinct animals or animals of another universe, as long as the child is conceived in it. These traits aren't the same all the time. Two Asterians could inherit traits from the same animal but one gets the tail while the other gets the ears. The parents animals have no effect on which one the child will be. Asterians can breed with humans but the child will always be an Asterian.

Asterians have lived on Nalisatna so long, they, and the other mortals, believe them to be natives. They live spread out across all regions and aquatic Asterians even settled in the ocean. They have only recently discovered electricity and mostly use magic for inventions.


Lemadoren are the result of defective nanomachines in Asterians. They live secluded and usually don't care to partake in society. They live alone and don't pair up but do talk to others when they meet. They have purple skin with simple markings. Their forearms are wide and have massive claws. They have long sharp-toothed snouts and soft horn-like antennas. Their bones are purple too and spikes can protrude out of the skin on random parts of the skeleton. Their eyes are red.

Their social interactions are usually limited to establishing a hierarchy. A Lemadore would try to either position themselves in a dominant or submissive role. To dominate, they would point out their strengths or the others weaknesses. To be submissive, they'd do the opposite. These taunts are incredibly vicious to regular society's standards, so the few Lemadoren that want to join civilization have a hard first time making friends.