The five mutations were created by the 3 17 20 in order to improve the survival of living beings without permanently altering them directly. Mutations are gained by drinking or being injected the blood of someone with that mutation. Mutations can also be combined. A mutation changes and improves a selection of body parts. Notably, each mutation improves one of the five senses experienced by most creatures, as well as the related sensory organ.

MutationAssociated senseCreator
Succubi TouchFamily
Goblins SightContra
Akaname TasteCalico

Creation History

Vampires were the first mutation created. Galaxy thought it would be beneficial if certain people didn't die, so they could help their community long-term. She included a bunch of other improvements with the mutation.

Hackestüpps, or Stüpps for short, were the second mutation created. Nature saw Galaxy's Vampires and found they deviated from the established order too much. She decided to create a mutation that resists death but within reason. In the end, both were kept.

Family saw her sisters' creations and decided to add her own with the Succubi. She wanted to make a mutation that incentivized love and also improved their sense of touch to follow the pattern.

Contra created her mutation, the Goblins, out of a sense of obligation but ended up having fun with it. She likes conflict, so she wanted it to be an annoying mutation, but also gave it eye augmentations to continue the theme.

Akaname were created most recently by Calico in an effort to save the species of Sykyyr, converting them into a mutation to save at least part of them. It just so happened that the Sykyyr were known for their long tongues and sense of taste, perfectly filling the remaining spot.

Mutation Effects

These are the effects mutations have on the body:


Vampires have a great sense of hearing. They can echolocate and pick out individual sounds out of noise too. They can also project sound of their own without using their mouth, allowing them to also play music or imitate voices.

Vampires grow big, long ears which they can move freely. They can also transform their ears into bat-like wings. They are only strong enough to carry the head alone, but they are very sturdy and can be used to protect the head.

Vampires can halt their aging by siphoning Well from Universe magic users, or use that well otherwise if they're mages themselves. Should they one day die anyway, their soul will remain as a Banshee.

Vampires are very aware and can absorb and retain information much better. They cannot lose consciousness, except for making themselves fall asleep, during which they only have lucid dreams. They can also mind control others to a slight degree. The more suggested actions go against the victims nature, the less likely it works. The chances increase if the victim is particularly scared or attracted to the Vampire.


Stüpp have a great sense of smell and can track the scent of things across far distances.

Stüpp muscles are able to react and move very fast and allow for very precise movement. They are also very sturdy and don't damage under strain.

Stüpp bones don't break but will bend or stretch under enough force. Stüpp are incredibly flexible and their bodies can be twisted and contorted to extreme degrees without suffering damage or discomfort.

Stüpp can grow a hard, black material over their hands to form claws. The material is pretty thin but sturdy. It usually reaches up to the wrist. It can be undone at will.

Stüpp lungs can hold much more air. They can inhale ands exhale with great force.


Succubi's sense of touch is rather sensitive and they can analyze things they touch in their structural make-up or feel their surroundings by analyzing the airflow.

Succubi skin heals very fast and is able to soften any blows that hit it. It's elastic and will stretch if pulled but always snap back to its original shape. Succubi can also manifest patterns on it, to replicate tattoos.

Succubi can produce a poison. It will paralyze living creatures for an amount proportional to how much poison was injected but leaves no lasting damage. The Succubus has to actively produce these substances, which are then stored in breast pouches, which they may or may not have had before. There theoretically is no limit to how much a Succubus can store, but it is recommended to not overdo it. The substances can only be eject through the mouth.

+Akaname: The tongue can be coated in the substance to apply it with precision.

Succubi grow a long tail with a heart-shaped end. If they already had a tail, they'll keep it but it may grow to match in length.

Succubi can draw energy from love felt towards them. The intensity and duration of the love corresponds to the energy. Succubi with many friends may not have to eat or sleep anymore.


Goblins can see very well. They also have night vision, x-ray vision and heat vision.

Goblins have twelve eyes, but only two eye sockets. Eyeballs aren't connected to the head, so they can be taken out without issue. All twelve eyes can be stored in the eye sockets but only two can look out. The eyes aren't sensitive to touch and can be squished flat without being damaged. They can turn adhesive and stick to walls and even roll around by their own volition. They can also project images into the air.

Goblins have magical cheek pockets in which they can store objects much larger than their heads. They can unhinge their jaw to let larger objects pass through.

+Stüpp: The inhale helps sucking objects into the cheek pockets.

Goblins have a very good sense of balance. Gorgon feet are replaced with a narrow hoof-like bone, which can shift to imitate the shape of feet, allowing the Gorgon to still wear shoes. They can jump very high and far and while their hoof bones are hard, they produce no sound when walking.

Goblins can telepathically manipulate simple mechanisms. Most commonly this includes locks, levers or tied ropes (including anything that could be used like one). Using the lock as an example, they can lock and unlock it without a key, as long as they stand within a meter of it. They cannot manipulate electrical mechanisms, which should be kept in mind when goblin-proofing places.


Akaname have a powerful sense of taste. They can taste the emotional state of others and can identify lies.

Akaname teeth are sharp and shark-like. Their jaw is powerful enough to bite through steel. Teeth that are broken off will grow back within a day.

Akaname tongues are usually around 100m (300 ft) long fully stretched out and can stretch up to 50 cm (1,64 ft) in width. While they aren't very strong, they can only be damaged by Angelblood weapons. It is still anchored in the mouth but is stored in a special pouch in the abdomen, connected to the mouth via a special section in the throat. Returning it inside the body is slower, to avoid the tongue being tangled up inside the abdomen through a hasty motion.

+Stüpp: The tongue now withstands even Angelblood and can stretch itself far longer.

Akaname saliva disinfects and cleans anything it touches. It dissolves filth, though it is unclear how it differentiates it from other substances. While Akaname tongues are usually dry for grip, they can produce saliva from their tongue and mouth at will. Their blood has a similar trait, which effectively makes them immune to most diseases.

Akaname can digest anything, including plastic, steel or poison. The stomach also fills the role of the intestines, making them obsolete. They are removed to make room for the tongue pouch. Being immune to all poisons though, means Akaname cannot get drunk or high.

Interaction with Species

Mutations can have unique effects on the various species' bodies. Here are some notable ones:

If the Asterian has animal ears, this may effect the shape of the wing form. They will also grow larger, even if they were already bigger.

If the species had no skeleton before, it will not grow one. Quilidians can harden their entire body like a rock instead, while remaining mobile.

If the species already has a tail or horns, it keep its old ones. If they had ones and lost them, they will grow the Succubus variant. If the species has scales, it will be replaced with skin but keeps the color. Quilidians will grow an outer layer of skin but their liquid body isn't attached to it.

If the species had no eyes before, they will not grow eye sockets and will grow eyes in their cheek pouches instead. If the species has no cheeks, the pouches will be located in the throat.

If the species had a split tongue, it will remain so. The split will not be extended with the longer tongue though.