Magic is an ability accessible to anyone with a soul. However, it usually requires a lot of dedication and time to learn to use. It is essentially a way to charm the universe into bending the rules for you. There are five different types of magic, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. When choosing to learn magic, it is best to research which type will work best for you. The five types are: Universe, Nature, Chaos, Soul and Control. Users of these magics are typically called Mages, Alchemists, Witches and Adepts respectively, while Control magic doesn't have a designation. People like to just use whichever term they like best in casual conversation though. Magic skill has to be maintained through use, so it is recommended to focus on one or two themes that you are likely to use often (ex.: healing, fire, construction)

Universe Magic

Universe magic is the most commonly used, as it is rather versatile. The only restriction it places on Mages is the need for Well. Well is an intangible resource used up for spells. The greater the impact of the spell, the more Well is used. A Mage has a limited amount of Well, which replenishes during sleep. The Wellpool gradually increases with every spell used. Other than that, Universe allows you to do anything, as long as you have the Well for it.

Nature Magic

Nature magic is more restricted. While it has no Well requirements, it can only create outcomes that are naturally possible. So it cannot introduce new matter to the world or create boiling ice. It does, however, allow you to skip the process of creating natural outcomes. For example, it would be very difficult to shape a rock into a perfect recreation of a person, but Nature magic can simply arrive at that conclusion without any of the effort. You just need the end product to be possible to exist naturally, no matter how unlikely, asnd the necessary materials. Nature magic does allow the Alchemist to transmute material slightly to adjacent ones. A rock can be transmuted into similar kinds of rock, but not into wood, for example.
This magic is popular for healing magic.

Chaos Magic

Chaos magic is restricted neither by well or natural laws. The only requirement is that the Witch has to state their spell either verbally, in written form or through gestures. Additionally, Chaos magic has a mischievious will of its own and while interpret spells maliciously, if it is worded vaguely enough. So while it can easily cast spells with great impact, it will need a lot of preparation beforehand and is thus not recommended for combat magic. Also, while Chaos likes to cause havoc, it is not interested in destroying the world or making people too afraid to risk using it. This is why it's not been banned for safety reasons yet. There are Witches solely dedicated to undoing unwanted spells of other careless witches.

Soul Magic

Soul magic is seen as separate from the previous three types, as it is much easier to learn and often learned alongside them, or by people not even interested in magic. Soul magic strengthens the bond between body. This allows the body to grow beyond its mundane limits, recover better from injuries and even cling to life more strongly. Most people trained in supernatural combat are Adepts, as it allows them to survive nearly anything that wouldn't have otherwise killed them thrice over.

Control Magic

Control magic is also separated from the others, as it is the option for people that simply can't or don't want to invest that much time into learning. Control magic bestows on the user a specific set of abilities. These abilities cannot be chosen by the user and often come with restrictions nad conditions with when to use them. Along with the ability comes a baseline understanding of how to use it, so it can be used effectively right away. The user can still refine it by getting creative with it though. These abilities are known as Promises. The way to get a Promise is to think of a name for it and wishing for Control to bestow magic upon it. The name probably influences the ability somewhat.


Promises are divided into four categories based on how they work:

Ens TypePromises that allow the user to turn into a certain element and convert that element into parts of their body as well.
Lucem TypePromises that allow the user to create objects from thin air.
Voltum TypePromises that directly change the body of the user.
Horologia TypeAll other Promises.


Portals are a popular magical appliance and are used for easy travel and deliveries. Portals are usually opened by Mages, while permanent portals are created by Witches. In order to open a portal, a portal mage or witch will need an assistant at the targeted location to open the portal on their end. The assistant's specialization doesn't matter, they just act as a conduit. They will have to remain and channel their Well into the portal to keep it open, unless it's a permanent portal.
There is a phenomenon with objects that are caught between a closing portal. The object is severed but in many ways still acts connected. For example, a cut cable will still be able to send electricity across its halves. When water is poured down a cut pipe, it comes out the other half's end, instead of the severed part. This effect is lost when the passage is wider than roughly 30 cm though. Also of note is that the cut part does not provide a cross-section of the object. Instead, the newly exposed part is just a solid, flat surface with the appearance of the nearest naturally visible texture on the object. This portal cut effect also works on living creatures. A portal cut arm can still be moved by the owner, it is simply not attached to the shoulder anymore. A special adhesive has been created to reattach such limbs, as it is a common enough accident in delivery work. Portal cuts have also found their way into body modding, where people purposefully sever body parts.


Greenthinking is the term for telepathic thought communication. It is the act of imposing a thought into other people's minds. It can only be done over short distances though and is easily ignored if the recipient isn't actively listening.