Aries Technologies

Aries was created by Dr. Amanda Reese after her discovery of Ultrascience. Dr. Reese was a biologist in Massachussetts prior to her breakthrough. She revolutionized science by figuring out a new method to interact with the world, a sort of technomagic that makes a lot of things easier. Her first appliance of it was to integrate machines with biological material to create highly advanced prosthetics. She created Aries Technologies to explore this technology, eventually creating prosthetics for every body part but the brain. This technology came to be known as RT. After that was done, she became interested in prosthetics for non-human body parts for people, like tails or wings. The government blocked that research though, and Aries decided to continue this project in secret and simply wait for it to be greenlit later.

This project eventually split into several ideas to genetically manipulate humans into parahuman species in various forms by adding nanomachines to their genetics. These creations would end up spread out across the universes in arc ships. Following is a list of all Aries inventions and projects.

Name Description
RT ArmsMechanical replacement for arms. Include data storage and a lazylight projector in the palm in the latest version.
IC Operating SystemEvery RT part comes with an internal computer (IC) that connects the machine to the brain and allows it to control its functions.
Flesh-Printing3D-printing of living flesh to be used for human bodies.
RT SkinFleshprinted replacement for skin. Can be printed with tattoos in the latest version.
RT LegsMechanical replacement for legs. Include a storage compartment in the thigh.
RT EyesMechanical replacement for eyes. Include data storage and recording function.
RT EarsMechanical replacement for ears. Include data storage and recording function.
RT OrgansMechanical replacement for various organs.
RT TongueFleshprinted replacement for a tongue.
RT SkullMechanical replacement for the skull. Optionally comes as jaw only, nose only or teeth only.
RT TorsoMechanical replacement for the torso, creating a full body of RT replacements available to people.
Lazylight ProjectorsLazylight is a newly discovered form of light that only travels a short distance before stopping and flaring out. Used for holograms.
RT FunVarious variations on RT technology.
AndroidsCreating of an artifical AI brain combined with RT technology.
Project AsterionProject goal: Create kemonomimi. Result: Complete success!
Project AnachromieProject goal: Create old cartoon style people. Result: Complete success!
Project AkephalosProject goal: Create objectheads. Result: Partial success.
Project AquariusProject goal: Create another universe. Result: Complete success!