Part 2: Unseen 2

I’m not a killer. No. My conscious is clear. I have never killed in my entire life. I was a surgeon, I know how to remove eyes without killing my patient. Today I’ll need to find eight more people. They talked about me in the news. Eight more victims. 56 in total. Police still had no idea. I seem to do pretty well, haven’t left them a clue since I had to start doing this. Had it helped that I like to watch crime shows?
The eyes might do another night. I want to be sure though. I am sorry doing this to people, I really am. I am just so afraid of what would happen if I stopped. I took my coat, bag and left the house. I’ve got all I need in my pockets.

I recognized all their faces on the street. They’ll never recognize a face again. Maybe by touch. I try to not cherry-pick my victims. Not pick the ones I dislike. It would be unfair. Though, I don’t get too much choice, my victims have to meet certain requirements to allow me to not get caught. I just couldn’t hurt old people though, I’d leave those alone, even if everything else lined up. I told myself younger people still had time to adjust to it.

I stopped for a moment when I saw something. My patients had formed a group. To get over the shock together. Looks like I caused them to find new friends too. I can’t feel like a bad person knowing that. Oh yes, there was the girl from Tuesday. And the drunk boy from last weekend.
I returned home with a full bag. A homeless guy. A boy who I think was stoned. A young couple, two girls. Some creepy guy feeding the birds in the park. A guy who just suddenly appeared on the playground to stare at the kids. Two girls who conveniently stood in an empty alley. Again I left no clues. Nobody saw me. I buried the old eyes in the garden and prepared a new bottle. Looked like no rain tonight.

Then the door was kicked open. People shouted something. There seemed to be five of them. I looked out of the kitchen and had a gun staring back at me.
“On the ground!”
I obeyed, held my arms up. I was handcuffed. I just complied out of shock, but this was very bad.
“Secure the house!”
The remaining four inspected the house. “Gross!” One said and put a blanket over the bottle of eyes. They went upstairs. Minutes passed and they didn’t come back. The guy keeping an eye on me tried to call them with a walkie-talkie but it remained silent. I had an idea what had happened.
“Stand up!” I obeyed again. We went upstairs.
I tried to tell him to not go in the bedroom. Maybe the urgency in my voice would have convinced him but, of course, I couldn’t speak. The other men laid on the ground. Blood dripping out of their mouths and eyes. Unidentifiable pieces stuck to the walls and ceiling.
“G’ uh-huh uh uhg.” Of course he couldn’t understand me. He forced me inside the room with him. Couldn’t he see it wasn’t safe?
As soon as he entered the room he made the mistake of blinking. When he opened his eyes again he could see its claws before it crushed them. He opened his mouth to scream. Another mistake. It ripped out his tongue and ate it. The shock made him fall unconscious. He would bleed to death tonight. I tumbled back to the corner and kept looking at it. It could only stare back. Small red pupils inside this blackness. It tried to scare me. Licked over its demonic perfectly black teeth. It could not come closer as long as I looked at it. It twisted its limbs around. I heard bones snap. It didn’t care. I had to watch it all. Black bones stuck through the pale skin. When she gave up on it they all formed back together. It went out of the room. I followed, staring at it. Then I knew what it would do. I couldn’t stop it. It took the bottle with the blanket. While keeping the eyes covered it opened it and poured the eyeballs into its wide mouth. Chewed them with relish. I knew what that meant. While staring at it, I lifted my legs over the handcuffs to bring my hands in front. Then I took the knife and rammed it into my throat.
While my consciousness faded I imagined it was still her. Imagined I had never turned her into this monster.


I watched him die. Finally he stopped struggling. I crushed his eyes too. Finally nobody stared at me anymore. It was so unnerving. Kept me awake every night. One night he missed a spot. I could come close to the bottle and hit it off the table. I cut out his tongue, slashed his chest. I thought that would get the message across. He only got more careful. Added four more eyes to the bottle. I grew so frustrated. Hurting those guys relieved me a bit. I should get them an ambulance. I’m not a killer.

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