Part 1: Unseen

Friday evening. I just got back home from work. Just as I closed the door behind me I could hear the rain starting to hit the earth. I was lucky today.

My coat was slightly heavier when i hung it up but i didn’t bother to check it. It’s probably all those useless coins in my wallet. I put the bag on the sofa. It was a little cold. My nose itched. When I scratched it I noticed how sticky my hands were. I should wash them.

The warm water felt good on my cold hands. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. Looking good. I noticed a stain on my shirt. Just a small one. I took it off and put it in the washing machine. I couldn’t walk around in stained clothes, no, I hoped I would get it out.

I made the mistake of looking in the mirror again. My smile vanished. Those scars. What terrible memories. I remembered what I had to do and went back into the living room.

I checked the insides of the bag. Still good. Good. I would be able to sleep this night. I prepared a bottle of water. Plop. Plop plop. Sixteen of them. I just wanted to make sure. Sixteen usually did the trick. I cleaned the empty bag and hung it on the same hook that carried my coat. I would need it tomorrow. Then i took the full bottle into my bedroom. Put it down on the table in the middle of the room. The room was completely empty. I didn’t want to provide any hiding spaces. Nothing could be under my bed or inside the wardrobe.

I spent an hour making sure every corner was covered. When I was absolutely sure I laid down to sleep. It wasn’t that late but hearing the rain outside helped me sleep and I didn’t want to wait until it’s over.

It drowned out the sound of it silently breathing. As long as there was an eye on it It couldn’t do anything. I made sure there’d be one on it no matter where it was.

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