My Little Angel

I wait for the angels. I tremble, but not because of the cold. My feet are numb and wet. Molten snow feeds on my warmth. Snow covers my hair. I tremble as I gasp for breath between my wails. I kneel in the snow. Nobody would find us before the angels come.
Snow, tears and blood cover my face. I was too late. With no jacket or shoes I ran out, screaming. They stopped beating, but so did her heart. They fled. I wait for the angels to come and get her. I press my eyes shut. Nothing can change this. I would like to tell myself it’s just a nightmare. The world vanishes around us, stops existing, just us in the cold void. It would all be black even if I opened my eyes. I don’t feel the snow anymore. I am still holding her. I wait for the angels to come. It’s so cold outside, I couldn’t leave her by herself. I’ll be with her until the angels come.
My little angel.