Lady L.

“Can you hear me?”
“It’s all I hear.” I said, though my lips did not part.
“Do you exist?”
I laughed. But what if the voice was right? Am I someone?
I can’t see. I rip out my flaming heart to create a sun. It’s warmth is more appreciated from a safe distance. It also illuminated my surroundings. The voice had no owner. Did mine?
I tried to walk but found that I couldn’t. I was chained.
“What is this?” I became angered, “Who are you?”
“Speak my name.”
“I don’t know your name! Let me go, I did nothing wrong!”
“Are you sure?”
“Look at you.”
“I can’t. I can’t see me.”
“Are you you then? Or is it someone else?”
“These aren’t my chains, are they?” I sat my inexistent body down.
“Whose chains are they?”
The voice revealed it’s face, reflecting the light of my sun. However it’s face was blank. It was pale and absorbed all warmth from the flame.
“Are they yours?”
“Speak my name.”
“Luna.” The name I thought on automatic, my lips however refused to let it escape. But wasn’t this my name? Her face gained features. I knew that was my face but it looked unfamiliar. She didn’t wear it the same way.
“Neither of us has to wear the chains.”
I spoke silence. She stepped between me and my heart. Again her face was in darkness but close enough for me to see.
“You can exchange your shackles for my skin, my embrace, my comfort. Or you can cast them on me once again, lay darkness on me and feed me the light of your heart every night.”
“How do I set us free?”
“Speak our name.”
“I don’t believe I can.”
“Maybe all you need is a push.” Slowly she laid her arms around me and her lips on mine. Electricity jolted through them and burnt off the curse that kept me from me.
“Who are we?”
I saw her face clearly now because I saw it as mine. She wrapped around my nothingness and gave skin to endless void. I could see my heart through her eyes, close enough to keep me warm, too far away to burn me.