Behind Me

I woke up and had no idea when and where I had gone to sleep. It felt like I had slept for a long time but I didn’t feel refreshed at all. My body ached. My sore eyes found an unfamiliar face and for a moment I got cold.


I got to know her as Emilia. She’s a nice girl as I found out. She’s new to this job and wasn’t used to the stress yet. I could tell by the rings under her blue eyes. She liked to tell me about her worries as relief. Sat on the end of the bed with the hands in her lap. She told me what had happened to me. Some guy had argued with his wife over the phone and didn’t notice me crossing the road and had run me over. He had visited me and apologized. I’m not mad.
I was just glad I woke up at all. I just wished I could have told him that. I wished I could give Emilia some advice. Or just a reassuring smile. All I did was look at her like a creep. I couldn’t move much more than my eyes for the time being. The doctors said it’d take some time for me to get better, but so far they’re hopeful. So was I.

One thing bothered me though. Everybody was nice and helpful, the room looked friendly and bright and there was no sickening atmosphere in the air that I usually encountered in hospitals. No, I’ve been here for a month now and I’m entirely certain.

There was someone standing behind me.
I never got a look behind me. I don’t know if there’s a wall or not, I think there is but I feel someone’s presence. I just felt them. Not with my skin, I felt their aura within my very being. Like it’s vibrating in my veins.
I wrote it off to the accident. Unfamiliarity with this new place, medication, whatever, something. Nobody else noticed it either. Just an illusion.
But It didn’t go away. The feeling kept me up at night. Soon it became obvious to Emilia something was distressing me. She got some guy to ask me what’s wrong. Some wide guy with glasses and curly hair. We used an easy communication method. Blinking once means yes, twice means no. I even managed to tell him about my worries. He unlocked the rolls under my bed and turned me around.

Just a wall. He hoped this would quiet my worries. It just proved to me I was no exception, I couldn’t see it either. I insisted to be moved to another room but they just turned me back around and told me to try another night.

The beings aura was colder tonight. It was displeased by my actions.


Like every morning Emilia came to check on me. I must’ve looked horrible from staying up all night. She started to wonder aloud if they should move me when her gaze fell to something behind me. Her eyes widened, hands covered her mouth as she gasped for air.
I turned my head to see what it was. It made a crunching sound.