TOPIC: 90’s Cartoons Are Fucked Up?

Airbender92: So, I’ve been rewatching some old cartoons from my childhood and is it me or did the creators actively try to cram as much fucked up shit in there?

Babylater: You can say teletubbies its okay

Chrishawn: I remember being freaked out by rockos modern life but i dont remember anything of the show. Just that it felt really bleak to me.

Dinoboy96: Courage. Shit gave me nightmares.

Easy-Punk: Hey arnolds art style was just terrifying

FoolMoon: Do you remember AgonyMan from Doug? Like that feels weird in retrospect

Chrishawn: What the hell is agonyman

FoolMoon: Like his superhero alter ego? Idk if he dressed up like him or if it was just in his imagination

Easy-Punk: You mean quailman or whatever?

FoolMoon: Wtf is a quail, no, i remember it being called AgonyMan. He like wore underpants over his shorts, like batman

Easy-Punk: Someone draw batman with underpants over his shorts. Also thats quailman. He also had socks taped to his head or some shit?

FoolMoon: His eyes were sown shut and he was bleeding i think

Chrishawn: He also came out of the tv and ran over your parents with a lawnm,ower?

FoolMoon: No, im serious! I cant find any clips on youtube. I dont remember quailman at all.

Babylater: Yeah i remember too agonyman walked on screen and killed everybody and then jsut screemed for twenty minutes and then my stable boy died of tuberculosis

Airbender92: Dude, i was being serious in this threat, i dont want any shitty creepypasta joke posts

Easy-Punk: Remember in Digimon when that puppet guy died? Like i remember him dying super gratuitous fucking lying dying on the floor with his speech trailing off like wtf

FoolMoon: Hey, Im pretty sure i got an agonyman episode on vhs, ill film it and show you

Airbender92: I don’t want your edgy art project in my thread!

FoolMoon: Its real man, i cant fake a doug episode

Easy-Punk: There’s no way you care enough about this to dig up a vhs player

FoolMoon: My grandpa never upgraded to dvd, hes still got it hooked up.

Chrishawn: Why do you have doug episodes on vhs?

FoolMoon: I just recorded the entire time i was at school, i actually wanted to record yu gi oh or something and they just played doug while it was still running

Babylater: What channel play both doug and yu gi oh

FoolMoon: I was fuxckinh twelve i dunno!

Babylater: woah

Airbender92: So… Digimon?

Easy-Punk: Didnt the apeman go to hell for a million years and learned to fart there

Babylater: None of you actually remember shit about cartoons wth

Easy-Punk: No, that happened, more or less. At least im not making up some hellman murderspongebob

Chrishawn: Spongebob wasnt the 90s

Easy-Punk: Wikipedia says 1999 bitch

FoolMoon: Alright i got it, juist gotta upload it to youtube

Airbender92: Fuck off already

Easy-Punk: No, im curious what hes gonna show us

FoolMoon: 56 more mins!

Easy-Punk: Im not gonna wait an hour, im gonna get me a hamburger goodbye

Airbender92: Thanks, you killed the threat

FoolMoon: Everybodys just waiting for the video, dont worry

FoolMoon: Here it is [Link]

Babylater: lol ur a girl?

FoolMoon: what?

Babylater: you know youve got other videos on your channel right

FoolMoon: ughhh fuck off

Babylater: tits and ill believe in agonyman gogo

Chrishawn: Lol did u report him?

Airbender92: Nah, I did. Not having that shit in my threat.

Easy-Punk: Yo, the vid up?

Chrishawn: Scroll up

Easy-Punk: Sweet.

Easy-Punk: holy shit?????

Chrishawn: Its a rickroll right

Easy-Punk: No, did you see it?

Chrishawn: Not yet, hang on

Airbender92: Moon, what the fuck?

FoolMoon: Right? Its worse than i remembered

Easy-Punk: Dude, Fool, is this is fake, this is still fucking terrifying, idek if id like it to be fake because youd be a genius

FoolMoon: Nah sorry, i couldnt come up with this shit

Airbender92: Chris, did you see it?

Easy-Punk: Chris logged out ten minutes ago

Airbender92: This gotta be some augmented reality marketing thing for a movie right?

Easy-Punk: Doubt theyd put doug of all things in it.

Airbender92: Moon, did u check if its like this in reruns too

FoolMoon: Do they still show doug?

Easy-Punk: Are you the only one who saw agonyman or did some of your friends see it too?

FoolMoon: We didnt exactly sit down to see doug when i had friends over and we didnt discuss the deep lore of doug funnie at school

Dinoboy96: Are you all fucking around now?

Airbender92: Did you see the video?

Dinoboy96: No. Could you describe it?

Airbender92: Fuck no, it was like a fever dream and im not watching it again to analyze it

Dinoboy96: Its a rickroll, gotcha

Easy-Punk: I paused after a minute

Dinoboy96: Jesus

Airbender92: Did you see it?

Dinoboy96: You mean satans asshole? Yeah i saw it

Dinoboy96: Did Chrishawn see it?

Airbender92: They logged out pretty much after saying they would.

Dinoboy96: I’m not watching the whole thing

Airbender92: You saw the whole thing right, Moon?

FoolMoon: Kinda. Its easier in rl, somehow. On the computer it all feels right up in your face

Dinoboy96: It’s amazing that you could upload a two hour video in just 50 minutes

FoolMoon: What? Its just ten minutes

Airbender92: Yeah, 10:42

Airbender92: Wait, I refreshed, its 2:02:10 now????

Easy-Punk: Wtf Fool, youre totally releasing a creepypasta movie in october, right? Partnering with youtube and whoever owns dough

FoolMoon: No, idk whats going on! The file on my desktop is still 10 minutes!

Dinoboy96: After the ten minutes it just shows doug episodes? Like fullscreen, not recorded off of a tv with a phone?

Airbender92: Are they fucked up agonyman episodes or normal doug?

Dinoboy96: Normal doug? The one guy is blue, is that normal, i never watched the show

Airbender92: Yeah thats normal

Easy-Punk: You mention when they start vomiting blood all of a sudden

Dinoboy96: 1:06:33

Easy-Punk: really?

Dinoboy96: Nah, im still just at 20:33

Airbender92: Dont skip to 1:06:33

Easy-Punk: Do they actually vomit blood??

Airbender92: No, just dont

Easy-Punk: Ok im not gonna get sucked into hell tonight, im closing this fucking thing. So, uh, Digomni??

Dinoboy96: Yeah, god, its just normal doug but fuck this

Airbender92: Remember in digimoni when the din guybecae the big skelton??

Easy-Punk: Are you freaking out man?

Airbender92: No im fine. Digimon

Easy-Punk: Yeah. Agumon did that. He was like pressured into evolving and it fucked him up?

Airbender92: Im sorry aguman

Easy-Punk: Did they bring back agumon in a later season? But with belts on his hands?

Airbender92: Im so sory agomon

Airbender92: *agonyman

FoolMoon: dude

Airbender92: im so sorry

Easy-Punk: He logged off? Yo im worried

Chrishawn: Hey sorry i closed this tab when i clicked the link

Easy-Punk: Did you watch the whole thing?

Chrishawn: Yeah, it was doug

Easy-Punk: What do you mean, it was doug?

Chrishawn: The tv show

Easy-Punk: You saw the first ten minutes right?

Chrishawn: they were really poor quality, so i skipped them

Easy-Punk: So you just watched two yours of regular doug episdes?

Chrishawn: Yeah, it just cuts off in the middle of doug wears tights tho. Also i think it was sped up a bit to not be copyright claimed?

Chrishawn: Anyway, dinner time

Easy-Punk: Ugh… I’m trying to contact Airbender but he doesnt respond. Im worried hre got really upsert over thia

FoolMoon: I’m sure hes fine, its just a weird video

Easy-Punk: Ok

Easy-Punk: Did you see the figure in the mirror?

FoolMoon: Huh?

Easy-Punk: While you recorded, there was this cloaked figure in the mirror.

FoolMoon: Okay, youre all just taking the piss right?

Easy-Punk: No, im with you on this agony shit. This is haunted. If anything, youre fucking with us but on such a scale that i aint even mad.

FoolMoon: Fine, tell me the time stamp and I’ll look.

Easy-Punk: Hang on

Easy-Punk: Holy shit that’s legit Satan

FoolMoon: Timestamp?

Easy-Punk: 3:41

FoolMoon: Oh, that’s just my girlfriend

Easy-Punk: What, no, I mean the thing with the horns and the glowing eyes?

FoolMoon: Nah, that’s her. [Link] Here, you can see her more clearly. Those aren’t her eyes by the way, she has none.

Chrishawn: You people realize this is a forum and not a chatroom? Anyway, the link to the monster girl is broken.

FoolMoon: Yeah, recordings of her don’t last long unfortunately. I think it’s a goth thing. I can make another real quick. Any requests?

Chrishawn: Oh boy, you’re lesbis right? Are you two hot? Airbitcher isnt here anymore :D

Easy-Punk: Chris, read the fucking room

Chrishawn: make your bobies tuch :)

Easy-Punk: Jesus Christ

FoolMoon: Yeah, no, Easy?

Easy-Punk: Fuck, i dunno. I am overcome with this horrible sense of dread when I recall her image but shes also kinda cute.

FoolMoon: Here she is flipping off Chris. [Link]

Chrishawn: Why has she clothes on??? Wait whaofobjniriper9iprorpp

Easy-Punk: Did she kill him?

FoolMoon: Viewing the image made the flesh burn off his skull. We’re lucky he managed to hit enter while flailing in pain.

Easy-Punk: So, uh, your gf got any idea what’s up with AgonyMan?

FoolMoon: No. I take it I’m the only one who’s ever seen it?

Easy-Punk: Probably. I’m sure your gf can protect you of any curse though

Gengar_girL: I drew batman in shorts [Link]

Easy-Punk: lol