The Color of Infinity


Syk licked the blood off her hands. She didn’t want to stain Dad’s tie when fixing it. He was so correct with that. The guy who had shot him was still making noises while he drowned in his own blood. Only two cigarettes left. Syk lit one with the fire out of her palm. Soothing smoke filled her lungs. Then she set her father’s corpse on fire. A Demali would always carry the ashes of their loved ones.

What was left of Dad’s men stood behind her. There had been a fight with the Sahra’s. Some of them managed to flee. It would be Syk’s first task as the new boss: get them.

Syk released the smoke from her lungs and turned around. The noises drowned. Finally he shut up. Nobody said a thing. Syk remained silent too. She figured they might need a moment. She finished her cigarette and sat down on a body to watch the fire.

She drew circles on the ground with her tail. Just something to distract herself. If she would think about her father too much now… not in front of them. She was the leader now, she couldn’t show any weaknesses. Just like Dad taught her.