Crash's Ultimate OC Text Meme - Molly

- Molly Maifeld

2. Age:
- Eight.

3. Gender:
- Female

4. How tall is she?:
- 1,1m

5. Describe their eyes:
- She doesn't have eyes anymore.

6. Sexuality:
- Straight.

7. Race/Species:
- Human.

8. Siblings?
- No.

9. Lover(s)?
- No.

10. Any talents or abilities, even if these are included in your canon (i.e. they can fly, but they live with angels, so everyone can fly)?:
- No, but she can get a lot stronger if she loses control.

11. Any talents and abilities that are unusual in their canon (i.e. a psychic human in real life)?:
- No.

12. What's their religion/belief system?:
- Nothing
13. Have you ever renamed, redesigned, or reworked this person? How?:
- She had brown hair originally but black did fit her more.

14. Do they have an alternate form?:
- No.
15. Are they based on a real person?:
- No.

16. Or another character?:
- Maybe, those things happen in my subconsciousness.

17. Do they go to school?:
- Not anymore.

18. How often do they spend in front of a mirror?:
- She is blind. :P

19. If given a gun, what would they do?:
- She doesn't know how guns work. She would give it back.

20. What do they like wearing?:
- She is wearing a bloody white robe from the hospital. Since she cannot see it doesn't matter to her.
21. Describe their hair:
- Black, short and disheveled.

22. Where does this character live?:
- Nowhere, she is wandering around and sleeps in the houses of other people (which she mostly killed before).

23. Can they cook?:
- No, she eats at restaurants.

24. Would they enjoy a surprise party thrown for them?:
- Yes.

25. Have they ever killed someone? Who? Why?:
- Yes, some random people, a complete hospital and a school. It's because of her blood addiction.

26. Do they feel guilty about that killing/multiple killings?:
- No, she cannot remember them.

27. Any secrets?:
- No.

28. Do they have a tattoo? Do they want one?:
- No.

29. What about piercings?:
- No.

30. Medical conditions?:
- No.

31. Are they generally violent?:
- Only if she came in contact with blood. She doesn't like violence.

32. Are they shy or outgoing?:
- Something in the middle. She isn't shy but doesn't speak often to people.

33. Honest or deceitful?:
- Honest.

34. Optimistic or Pessimistic?:
- Optimistic.

35. Loving or distant?:
- More distant because of her problem.

36. Young or old?:
- Young in age, but a little bit more adult in her mind.

37. Bad or good?
- Both. She kills a lot of people but she couldn't hurt a fly in her normal state.

38. Are they good at winning an argument?:
- No. She immediantly gives up if someone starts an argument with her.

39. Name something unusual about them:
- She's blood addicted. Whenever she comes in contact with blood she kills everyone around her for more blood. In this state she's a whole lot stronger.

40. Are they a virgin?:
- Yes

41. Have they ever had sex with their own gender?:
- No.

42. Name some prejudices she has:
- None. Children usually don't have them or am I wrong?

43. Give me something random about them:
- Her bandages never get dirty somehow.

44. Do they drink?:
- No.

45. Smoke?:
- No.

46. Do drugs?:
- No.

47. Are they addicted to anything?:
- Blood.

48. What's their impression on people at first glance?:
- "Aww, that poor girl!"

49. Is this true once they're more well known to someone?:
- I think yes.

50. Name something that's different about them now than when you first came up with them:
- She had pigtails and a pink dress first.

51. Is there anything about this character that's surprising to you?:
- No.

52. How was their childhood?:
- Horrible, but she doesn't know that. She thinks it's fine like it is.

53. What's one of their weaknesses?:
- That she's blind.

54. Their greatest strength?:
- Killing people.

55. Something they hate:
- Water. She can't swim and she hates being wet.

56. Something they love:
- Blood.

57. How's their self esteem?
- She likes herself but likes other people more.

58. One thing they hate about themselves:
- Nothing. Maybe that somehow nobody wants to be her friend.

59. One thing they love about themselves:
- Nothing really. She loves friends, if she would have some.
60. How's their ego?
- Generous and kind.

61. Describe their past:
- After she killed everyone in her school because of her problem (everybody believed she was the only survivor of an terrorist attack), she were brought to an hospital. Soon she killed everyone inside the hospital as well and were 'adopted' by Desrag. Desrag has the body of a doll and is a cruel murderer who kills people in their nightmares. Molly thinks he's a normal doll even though he speaks to her.

62. How was their family life?:
- Good, but after the event in the school, Molly has never seen them again. She doesn't miss them.

63. Are they happy now? Why?:
- Yes, Desrag cares good for her. She would like to stay somewhere and have some friends, but Desrag wouldn't let her, though.

64. Do you like them?:
- I like her, as long as she isn't near me.

65. Would you get along with them if you met them in real life?:
- I must be very careful then, but yes.

66. Would they like you?:
- Yes.

67. Are they smart?:
- Yup.

68. Are they tricky?:
- No. Molly is very honest.

69. Do you know how they are going to die?:
- Nope.

70. Do you plan on killing them off?:
- No. But maybe I will seperate her from Desrag somewhen.

71. Do they like to read?:
- She never learned to read braille.

72. What's their favorite… book?:
- ...

73. Movie?:
- Yeah...

74. Person?:
- Desrag.

75. Time of day?:
- Midday.

76. Animal?:
- Dogs. She should get a seeing-eye dog.

77. Thing to do?:
- Play with dolls

78. Are you tired of this meme yet?:
- No.

79. Has it helped you?:
- Yo.

80. Will you do it for another character?:
- I think yes.