Hole Heart

Book Eater

Elli never really knew where she was going. Satisori followed her around and at times pretended to just coincidentally meet her. Elli hadn’t noticed yet. Generally, Satisori would set up a little camp on Elli’s path after she saw her pick up a delicious looking book. She would trade it for one of her treasures then. A scarf or a box of crayons. They all seemed far more useful to Elli. But then Elli would also rest a while in Sati’s camp. They never talked much and Elli never stayed long but it was enough for the lonely Kisque.

“The never-ending white of the Paper Plains must really strain your eyes.” Satisori would say.
“I am thankful for every bit of darkness I see.” Elli would respond. “You still got an appetite for the instructions to the imagination?”
“Indeed I do. Sometimes you need another to tell you what to fantasize about.”
“What does your fantasy entail when left without influence?”
Satisori’s tongue has touched so many words that weren’t her own, that it came quite easy to her to lie. “I think about the others. Don’t think you’re the only that stills my needs. My friends occupy my thoughts, for they do not appear in books.”
Sati would accept whatever written treat Elli brought her and Elli would take whatever item she desired out of Sati’s possession. Usually that would be it for their conversation, rarely one adds another comment that would seldom be replied to.
Elli would get up and leave and Sati would stay for a little longer until she decides to follow her friend. Her only friend. She’s been a witness to her words for a while. She couldn’t help but wonder what her silence would taste like.