Colorful Angel


Chloe put a hat on her wild mess of boring brown hair. “Don’t go outside the village, dear, that’s no place for an eight-year-old,'' her mother yelled after her. Chloe ran past old people and dusty houses until she found the one she was looking for. It was easy to climb on top of the bakery. All the crates stacked atop another on one side made great stairs. Up there she shot everyone who wasn’t looking with finger guns. She pretended they were all bad guys.

“Aaah!” a young boy cried. Chloe crept up to the edge of the roof and looked down. A boy lay in the dirt while three other kids ran off laughing. This wasn’t the side with the crates but Chloe let herself down carefully. The fall still rang through her ankles though. Slowly she approached the boy and helped him up when he noticed her.

“What happened?” she asked.
“They pushed me a-and stole my doll.” The boy stuttered out.
“Don’t you worry, I will get it back for you. I’ll be your heroine.”

She ran after the three kids. Her shirt flowing behind her felt like a cape. After turning around a corner she caught up and grabbed the middle kid’s sleeve. He was the one who held the doll, a vaguely human shaped grinning little thing.

“Give it back.”
The kid glanced at his two companions, a shy kid who never talked and a girl with a vile smile.

Chloe expected he would send one of them on her, she did not expect he’d hit her himself. He punch pushed her to the ground, she bit her cheek when her jaw smacked on the ground, she tasted blood and her entire face hurt. The boy seemed a bit shocked about how hard he hit. Chloe got back up and spat blood on the floor. She was mad. The boy looked at the silent one, who just shook their head and ran off. The girl looked less confident now but attacked at the boy’s command. Chloe knew she just had to push her to the ground to take the fight out of her.
Then she made her best angry face at the boy and demanded: “Give me the doll!”
The boy threw it at her and ran away. She picked it up and showed a friendly smile at the girl still lying there defeated, as best as she could with bloody teeth. She reached out to help her up.

“You shouldn’t hang out with people like him.” Chloe said and felt like a superhero after defeating some thugs. Though she hoped her cheek would heal ‘til dinner.
“I’m sorry” she mumbled and walked off hiding the tears.
“If you want we could hang out instead?”
“…I’ll go find my friend.”

Chloe hoped she meant the quiet kid. But it was time to bring the kidnapped doll back to his family. This heroine might have gotten injured in the process but at least she saved everyone once again.