Colorful Angel


Grey sky, Grey buildings, grey ground. Black hair, white skin. Sunflower could be colorblind and it’d make no goddamn difference in this horrible place. Sunflower they call her. Partially because that’s her name but also because of her favorite hat. It was wide-brimmed, like the ridiculously large heads of sunflowers, which at times even break their own necks with their weight.

She’d been sitting in front of the monochrome butcher’s shop and tried to spit all the way across the street. Soon her mouth ran dry. Bored she decided to go down the road. Long smokestacks fed the thick clouds blocking out the blue sky.

One day she would just run away. One day when she was brave enough. She dodged drunk people and ignored the bodies hidden under the trash on her way. People lacked the money to have them buried.

She got pretty yellow flowers at the flower shop. Their color looked wasted against this dreary canvas. At least they still smelled good. She had to wait in the hospital for a while until she could visit her mum.

Her heart still beeped steadily.
“Hello, Sunny.”
“I brought you flowers.”
“You’re such a sweetheart. If only your father would visit me as often. I really miss him.”
“…Me too.” One flower she kept for when she would visit him. She shoved a chair over to her mother’s bed.
“How is school, dear?”
“I’m doing good, don’t worry mama.”
“That’s good, that’s good.”

There was so much Sunflower couldn’t tell her. The doctors said she won’t get better. And when Sunny spent the last of their savings they’d throw her mother out on the street. She hadn’t gone to school for a long time and she no longer had a home either.

In two days she’d have to become brave. She got it all planned out. Walked the route every day, went through the plan every step.

In two days a thirteen year old girl would commit her first murder.