City of Threads


Ludwig pitied the poor fools who never gave Kizzlejack mineral water a chance, put it off as mere water. He could down two liters in one of that stuff. It tickled his insides like no other drink managed to do. It was simply addicting. It was also healthy and cheap and Casper had a shitload of bottles in his apartment. Even warm it tasted fucking amazing. And it just got better when the bite of some eyeless chick turned him into some sort of tongue monster with an insane sense of taste. You’d think with such an acute sense nothing would live up to your standards anymore but it’s actually quite the contrary. In fact, you are able to find flavors in stuff you didn’t even know existed. There are hundreds of them and humans are only limited to what, six? Ludwig counted them in his mind but soon trailed off.

Ludwig sat back leaning to that of Casper. It was night but they couldn’t sleep. Not that they wanted to anyway. It was the weekend so there’s nothing to get up to tomorrow. So they just sat there in this dark room drinking shitloads of Kizzlejack. When Casper downed the rest of their sixth bottle Ludwig got another one out of the corner where they kept them. Thanks to the ten meter tongue that somehow fit into his body he didn’t even need to get up for that. It was last week Casper bought all these. Spent all his savings he intended to spend on drugs for them and since this stuff only costs like 20 pence for two liters he got a lot. Kizzlejack was often used as some sort of anti-drug when quitting something, Ludwig read. Dollface of Grim Architect quit her alcohol problem like that. Maybe that was just a joke, but Ludwig and Casper were both dedicated fans.

Ludwig could feel Caspers bony back through the fabric of their clothes. Slowly shifting his body he managed to hug his friend from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder. Casper kissed his cheek and Ludwig gave him the same treatment. Then they kissed each other at the same time. Casper’s lips tasted sweet and spicy or something in between. Ludwig’s embrace tightened and once again he was glad to be alive for this to happen.

It could all have never been. It could have ended on that bridge that day. But suddenly there was this boy. He showed him something that’s worth living with the guilt for. Casper was the greatest friend Ludwig ever had. He loved him with all his heart.

Their lips parted but their souls would always be one.

For a while they just laid on the floor, Casper’s head on Ludwig’s stomach. Smoking the last two joints Casper had lying around. No more after these, they swore each other. The air grew thick, but they didn’t mind. What a wonderful life they had. Casper began humming a melody and it was so beautiful Ludwig could just kiss him. But he couldn’t get up. He felt like he was falling. But not like he would shatter on the ground, no, as if he fell upwards. As if he flew. Like a cloud. He found Casper’s hand and squeezed it. They just closed their eyes and enjoyed the moment. Ludwig’s mind was coloured pink. Like this they finally fell asleep.