City of Threads


Nessiel always tried to be friendly to strangers. That’s not how she actually is though. She’s quite snarky when you got to know her, but by then you know it’s not meant to be mean, just her odd way of showing affection. She made sure to make a good impression on her first day on the LJ team. Finally someone just gave her a chance, she can’t ruin that. If she did, she’d only have the option of trying out New Years City. They seem to be the most open-minded there. But it all went well. She got a feeling she might become good friends with Marcy and Sylvie. As an Attejs she wasn’t that well liked, since her species led two wars that destroyed the home of one and almost eradicated another species. She had been no supporter of it, but she looked like those who were to them. It was a terrible feeling. But if she just had two friends to help her through it. Maybe it won’t be that bad anymore then.

Some species survive and develop because they’re strong, others because they’re smart. For Attejs it was that they’re very good at deceit and manipulation. Their fully grown form resembles a child, which most other species would have trouble attacking. At this point in time this was no longer necessary for survival as they’ve outgrown any natural enemies and mostly became normal people that don’t want to harm others. They weren’t immune to manipulation themselves though. The Goddess of Light Jaliehv talked them into the second war, as well as deceiving the human race to join her war. It was rather unfortunate that the element of Light represented all that’s good to them. It didn’t end well for them. Only one quarter of humanity survived. People were wary of Attejs since then. It didn’t help many Attejs still try to justify the wars.

It all was just very, very unfortunate.