City of Threads

Any Complaints? (Noncanon)

„Alright, silence, we’ve had enough time to talk to each other!“ Simon silenced the crowd. “I am Simon Thatcher from the Amieredetta team and I was elected to lead the discussion today.” A paper plane landed on his desk. Unfolding it, it revealed a caricature of him with a microphone.
“Very mature Blake.”
Ever since their first encounter Blake hated him. And, let’s say, he wasn’t one to deal with problems in a grown up way.
“Also, Blair, I see you’re not sitting on your chair, please get off the stage.”
A disgruntled ghost became visible and complained: “I can’t even sit” and floated back on her place.
“Alright, were that all jokers? Fine. Now first of all, We have a lot of different kinds of people here at LJ and we wanted to make sure everyone is cared for accordingly. I have talked with all my human comrades and received no complaints. Now I’d like to hear whether someone of another kind would have any, so LJ can tend to that.”

A large violet arm stuck out of the crowd.
“Ruby.” Simon elected her to talk and she stood up.
“I’m Ruby Ravinen, leader of the Brightillhaven team.” She introduced herself to everyone, “I have talked with my fellow Lemadoren and while LJ did well with the temperature-isolated rooms, we’ve all had trouble with the relatively small doorways. We’re broad people thanks to our arms and would like to not shuffle through them sideways.”
“Noted. Anything else?”
“No.” she sat back down.

“Alright, Kamille.” He pointed to a hand that barely reached above other people’s heads.
“I hope you don’t mind if I come on the stage.” She said as she floated up, magic carrying her.
“Not at all.” He made room for her.
“Well, I have several problems. First of all, I’m missing a fitting room to draw a summoning circle. I don’t want to use my room for that as it can get a bit messy.”
“Uh, let me stop you there, as far as I know summonings are illegal.”
“In Nalisan law, yes, but we are stationed in Salann.”
“As LJ is a Nalisan company, you have to succumb to Nalisan law while working under it, even when working in Salann.”
“Really? Damn. Alright, for my second thing, I’ve seen a few flies up here, could I stay and-“
“No, sit back down.”
Kamille left the stage and sat back down, grumbling.

“Alright, anyone else?” A few hands rose up but one certain girl lifted her entire body… or lack thereof.
“Yeah, I got a complaint.” Blair barked, “You know what would allow me to sit down here? A body!”
“Blair, LJ does not have the means to grow bodies for Banshees to occupy-“
“I know, I don’t mean a flesh and blood body. But everybody gets uniforms. How come we Banshees get nothing?”
Simon saw Florian nod in silent agreement.
“You’re right I’ll note that too.”
“And I want my body to be custom made too! With gloves at the end of the sleeves!”

“Yes, you’ll have the same privileges as any other. Now, anyone else? Yes, Surlis?”
“Um, should I come on stay-stage?”
“Yes, please.”
Surlis had no chair because she had no butt to sit on it anyway and her long tail would’ve been in the way for all others in that row. She glided up to the stage and Simon helped her up. He knew she didn’t like stairs, so she’d rather just go up one big step than drag her belly over several pointy edges.
“Thun-thank you.” She placed herself in front of the microphone and spoke: ”Well. First of-of all, I’d like to thank LJ f-for not building stairs at our home… but I’d like to reque- requ-… Sorry, getting nervous.” She was getting all red. She took a deep breath and continued: “I’d like a longer bath tub. I can’t wear shoes, so my-my tail gets dirty and I’d li- you know, I'd like to get all of me into the- you, know… uh. I’m so sorry, it’s not this ba-bad usual- u-”
“Alright, Surlis, I think we know what you mean. If it’s too much for you, you can go outside for a while.” Simon said with a smile and hoped she didn’t feel mocked. Silently she went out with Sophie, who also seemed to look a bit uncomfortable here.

“Alright, there was at least one other.” Simon said. Instead of a hand, a pink tongue rose up though.
MIlly stood up and walked on the stage. “Alright, I actually wanna talk about a Vampire issue. From my Akaname side everything’s fine.”
“That’s nice to hear.”
“Alright, this is an important issue though, at least for me. You know Vampires need to drink blood right? Otherwise we begin to age again and if we do that too often our bodies are gonna die. And I don’t really wanna die any time soon. Or rather, lose my body, I wouldn’t die, huh. Anyway, what I’m asking is, I’d like LJ to make a partnership with the VBS, so I don’t have to worry about my body decaying away.” The other Vampires shouted a big “Yeah!” together.
Milly’s piercing eyes laid on Simon and her cold stare probably made his grey pencil write in violet. All the Salannian people kind of freaked him out because most of them had severe traumas inflicted on them from a young age, making them all broken inside in a way. Ray, Zaska and Colin also returned… different from their trip there.
“That is a good idea, Milly.”
Her eyes still rested on him, as if she still waited for something.
“…Is there something else?”
“Oh, no, I just kinda zoned off… I’m sorry.” She jumped off the stage and sat back down.
“Was that all then?” No hands rose up. “Alright, I’ll bring these complaints to the administration and we’ll get them fixed. Tomorrow we’ll meet for less serious things. Personally, I’m looking forward to it, so you should all come on time. And someone tell Surlis and Sophie that the meeting is over.”