Don't Die, Becky!

I find myself in the woods. I’ve been wandering for a while now. I can’t see my hands. I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to do. I don’t remember much of anything before I woke up in the woods. I’m sure I was meant to do something. I’ll remember once it comes up. Probably.

I see one of my friends. I’m very certain she’s my friend. I think I recognize her. She was hanging from a tree. I think she wanted me to help her down. I don’t think that’s what I was supposed to do. My hands were unfit to untie the rope anyway. I could try to pull on her feet until her head came off, but I don’t think I’m supposed to. No, she was waiting for someone else. I think I see it in her eyes that I’m not supposed to be here. I’m needed somewhere else.
“Where am I supposed to go, sweetie?” I asked and cocked my head to the side.
She pointed her hand kinda my direction. I turned around and pointed my missing hand too. “That way?”
Her hand kept pointing me that way, so I said okay and moved on.

I think I might be part tree? My hands are like thick bushes of leaves or something. One blue, one white. What a silly tree I must be. I did not have bark. I have skin, covering me like skin-colored sugar frosting. Hmm, now I’m hungry. That skin is covered partially by some other decorative fabric. Clothes I guess. Blue and white like my hands, but not the same material. Oh, and I have hair? On my head? It’s all wavy and it miraculously doesn’t poke me in the face, no matter how much I shake my head. I couldn’t easily brush the hair out of my face with these bush hands.

Spoke to early! My foot snapped sideways as it could not find a solid ground to stand on. On this soft forest ground. A part of my foot had broken off. The hoof, I think. It did not hurt, but I was still upset over it. And to make matters worse, my hair was now tickling my nose! Very irritating. My bush hands would only brush more hair in my face, so I tried to flick the hair away with my tongue. It didn’t work too well. I was sitting there for minutes, hoping my tongue would wondrously grow long enough to do the job. I must’ve looked so silly. After a while, I forgot what I was even trying to do, until I was woken up from my self-induced hypnosis by sudden movement.

Someone ran past me, catching my attention. This one wasn’t a friend. They stopped for a moment to look at me. Then kept running. I don’t think I was supposed to follow. I got up on my uneven feet and walked the way they came from. I forgot which way my friend had pointed me.

I kept watching my feet as I walked. I was slowed significantly by my handicap. Wish I could’ve put that hoof back on. The twigs of the forest floor kept piercing the soft raw flesh it had protected. Ow, ow, ow, I think it’s bleeding. Blood dripped into my eye. Oh, no. I stopped to check how my foot blood could’ve dripped onto my head. Trying to lift my foot so I could see it, my other hoof finally broke off too. I fell to the ground, but now I saw what dripped into my eye. Up above on the branch of a tree stood one of my friends. I don’t remember her. The blood fell from her lips, down to me. It was cold.

“Hey, Becky.” she said and jumped down from the branch. The fall didn’t mess up her long white hair at all.
“Hello. Who are you?”
“Ah, right, you forgot. Hey, you notice anything weird today?”
“No, not really. My hooves broke off.”
I looked down to my friends feet. Her hooves didn’t look like they could break off that easily. But they also weren’t really hooves. Made of someone’s skin or something. Leather?
“It’s fine, Becky.”
She pushed my chin up. I could feel the point of her finger draw blood. Her hands were hard, cold and black as charcoal.
“Ah, sorry. I spend a lot of time alone, so I forget how fragile everyone is.”
“Owie…” I tried to wipe off the blood with my leaves. My friend’s gloomy look worsened.
“Hey, sorry for all the times I had you die.”
“Huh? I never died, silly, I’m still here!”
“I’ll go see if I can reach Athena. Try not to get eaten by monsters.”
“Mo-mo-mo-monsters?” I stuttered.
She snapped her fingers and vanished. I waited, as I didn’t feel like our conversation was over.

After a few hours, a serial killer interrupted our talk. She groaned as she lifted the machete over my head. The face strapped to the front of her head did not even look ashamed as she did.
“Excuse me, I’m talking to someone!” I said.
The rusty blade cracked down and my blue and white leaves fell to the ground. Fingered hands fell out of them and then blood fell on top.
“Owie” I said.
“Sorry Becky, I’m not supposed to dismember you when no one is watching.” Jenny picked up the hands with her big gloved one and put them back on my arms. I looked to the floor sadly.
“What about my foliage?”
“Oh, right, your pom poms.” Jenny put the leaves back over my hands. I knew I had to clench my fists onto them.
“Looks like you broke your high heels too.”
“I want boots like Alucard.”
“It’s part of your stereotype to wear impractical footwear though.”
“Well you aren’t supposed to talk.”
“I don’t when we have guests.”
“You’re so lucky you’re allowed to be clever.”
“Come now, let’s put you back together. I’m sure our creators won’t miss the big Halloween Spooky Gauntlet. Remember when we scared Freddy when I cut you in half in front of her?”
“No, I’m supposed to be clueless.”
“She was all like, ‘did you lunatics seriously make a slasher movie android for your personal amusement’? You should’ve seen her face when they told her they made a whole theme park for Halloween.”
“I don’t understand a word.”
“I know you don’t. You still got enough fake blood in your tanks?”
“I drank lots of ketchup earlier and I even stopped before I threw up.”
“...Alucard usually isn’t away that long. You think this is serious?”
“I don’t know.”
“Welp, fortunately we aren’t programmed to feel boredom. Let’s just prepare a good show for whenever the scientists got time to get spooked!”
Jenny patted my back. Then we waited for fifty years for someone to return to the theme park.

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