Alice: "Doopdidoo" / Whittley /
Erstellen sie eine Fotografie zum Thema "Abgang" (Create a photograph for the topic "Departure") /
This is all secret / List of Clockwork members: Tha, Zas (Hum), Whi (Fleshless), (Panther Wolf Tamali), Joey (Dog) / Jul, Hen (Hum), Jac (NewEng), Ice (Obj), Mar (Hum) /
Guy with ghosts: "OMG!" / Präsentation (presentation) / Thalia's path: Falvence > Redvll > AR > NYears /
Next to person: "Uh not kawaii" / Guy, thinking: "I need to become more kawaii..." Girl: "Like ME!", arrow towards guy: "is actually 15 years old" /
Kid: "Das war cool! Nochmal! (That was cool! Again!)" Girl that just puked: "Neee.... (Nahh....)"