Earth Bands


#9 is a thrash metal band formed in Yemen by three high school students, with Ruqayyat Shamoun as the vocalist. They only released one demo on Youtube with seven songs. Their songs are about monsters but describe them in affectionate and sympathetic ways.

#9 (2138)

Song TitleSong Meaning
1. Warm MeatA song about a monster finding a warm meal on a cold night.
2. TeethA song about the sensation of ripping and biting.
3. Demonic GirlA song about a lonely demon girl.
4. FuryA song about three monster friends against the world.
5. Queen of EmptinessA song about a cosmic horror.
6. FollowerA song about being stalked by a monster.
7. Shadows in the DarkA song about a monster that hides in the dark.

Nalisan Bands

Coffee Decaffeination

Coffee Decaffeination is a nalisan death metal band that deliberately writes over the top edgy lyrics for humorous effect. They've only produced one album so far.

Guillotine Mouth (320)

Song TitleSong Meaning
1. First Taste of BloodInstrumental intro song.
2. Avalanche on the Mountain of Severed HeadsA gory description of said event.
3. Hellhounds Fighting Over Scraps of Human MeatA gory description of said event.
4. Brain Matter Spattered on an AnvilA song about beating people's skulls in on an anvil.
5. Harvesting the HeadlessA song about donating organs to the hospital.
6. 100% of the Earth's Surface Is Covered in BloodA gory description of the aftermath of a planetwide killing spree.
7. Ripped Apart in the Air by Vampire BatsA gory description of said event.
8. Look Upon My Works and VomitA gory description of various gruesome murder scenarios.
9. E.N.D. (Everybody's Now Dead)A song about having killed everyone.
10. Cut off My Limbs Then Crucify MeA song about how that would work.
11. You Look Like I'm in HellA song about how someone is so ugly, it could only be divine punishment for the viewer.

Maneating Babies

Maneating Babies is a nalisan electronic punk band formed by Cass Lambert (Crowlyn) and Alex Lisbane (Dollface). It was an outlet for their frustrations and pain through fun and loud songs. Making their music listenable was the least of their concerns but they still gathered a small online following. They finished two albums before splitting up, with Alex moving on to Grim Architect. Their lyrics are frequently NSFW, both due to sexual and violent content.

Flesheating Fetus (319)

Song TitleSong Meaning
1. Corpse ComputerA song establishing their style of electronic sounds and violent lyrics and vocals.
2. I JUST WANNA KILL SHITA loud song just yelling out pain in an incoherent way.
3. Gutter GutsA slower song about feeling empty and sick.
4. Cum GrenadeA vulgar song introducing some light-heartedness.
5. Cable TrainA nonsensical song with no cohesive thought running through it.
6. Plane Crash Debris Running Down on a Birthday PartyA dark humor song about the described event.
7. EAT MY FUCKING HEARTAnother loud song about pain.
8. WirebiterA song about chewing electrical wires and the consequences.
9. KnifeA song about knives and what they're good for. The described uses are all misusing knives but in safe ways.
10. TIT CRUSHERA song combining their vulgar, humorous lyrics with their more aggressive style.
11. Electric SexfuckA song about describing sex with electrical terms.
12. DickmaulA song about describing sex with violent language.
13. My Boobs Are Bombs About to BlowA joke song about a girl whose boobs blow up.
14. GirlsA suprisingly tame song about Cass' feelings about girls.

Girlgnawer (320)

Song TitleSong Meaning
1. Boobie BiteA mostly instrumental song.
2. ACID TITSA song that is just yelling with no lyrics.
3. I'll Raw You Until You're CookedA song describing sex with culinary terms.
4. I'd Become a Gorgon so I Could Scream Until My Head Flies offA song about Gorgons, who can detach their heads.
5. Big Boobie Bouncy CastleA fun song about big boobs and their uses.
6. 666 (6irl 6enital 6ourmet)A song about oral sex.
7. Fucking Demon Girls in HellWhat it says.
8. Fucking Angel Girls, Also in HellAlso what it says.
9. DYING PAINFULLY A THOUSAND TIMES PER SEECONDA song about how it still hurts.
10. GRRRRRRRRRLA song about a werewolf girl.
11. Kissing as an AkanameA song about kissing with an inhumanly long tongue.
12. Lesbian LegionA song about a lesbian orgy resulting in the formation of an eldritch hivemind.