The Azez are a collective of 24 deities in Salann. They have no physical forms, instead they affect the world by choosing an avatar (Manaz) to embody their ideals. These Manaz will be given special abilities or skills to help with that, though their divine gifts are considerably weaker than that of a Nalisan demigod. An Azez usually has several Manaz at a time, but none of them are granted any form of immortality.

Azez and their blessings:

Tae, Azez of Earth:
Their Manaz can reshape the earth.

Taio, Azez of Air:
Their Manaz can control the wind.

Pakap, Azez of Water:
Their Manaz can control water.

Magma, Azez of Fire:
Their Manaz can control fire and heat.

Gemoa, Azez of Life:
Their Manaz can give and take souls with a kiss.

Iph, Azez of Time:
Their Manaz can turn back time with a special item.

Magis, Azez of Magic:
Their Manaz is gifted with enough knowledge in magic to teach others.

Zip, Azez of Technology:
Their Manaz can accurately picture intricate machinery in their mind.

Ponsuil, Azez of History:
Their Manaz no longer forgets information.

Roh, Azez of Science:
Their Manaz can accurately simulate chemical reactions in their mind.

Aldet, Azez of Fantasy:
Their Manaz is able to vividly tell stories.

Teba, Azez of Art:
Their Manaz is gifted with technical skills in a creative field.

Phala, Azez of Growth:
Inspire the growth of plants and other things.

Atu, Azez of Freedom:
Inspire a desire to break bondage and free others.

Zate, Azez of Hope:
Inspire hope and willpower to overcome harships.

Ips, Azez of Fun:
Inspire a jovial and playful atmosphere.

Un, Azez of Heroism:
Inspire acts of selflessness and courage.

Mu, Azez of Love:
Inspire reconciliation and friendship.

Ick, Azez of Decay:
Inspire the decay of things and the thriving of mold.

Spionel, Azez of Domination:
Inspire the desire to dominate others for personal gain.

Badlam, Azez of Despair:
Inspire despair and giving up.

Teath, Azez of Misery:
Inspire misery and depression.

Ix, Azez of Mischief:
Inspire the desire for mischief and annoyances.

Nimoroc, Azez of Hatred:
Inspire seething, violent hatred.