Dead to the World

I loved her and she didn’t need to tell me that she loved me. Unlike others, she never criticized me, was always there for me, accepted me how I was. Not like all the others, who all acted like I’m some sick monster. She was rejected by her family and friends too. They all just started ignoring her one day, as if she had ceased existing to them. But that wasn’t true. Sometimes I see her mother, through the window, staring at pictures of her, crying. It’s because she’s with me now, isn’t it? Everybody hates me and they couldn’t accept she loved me. She wasn’t all too saddened by this betrayal, although her apathy towards anything was a little concerning. I made it clear to her I’d stick with her through this. I brought her to my little home outside the city, by a lake. A few trees cast shade over the little white bench from which you could see the sun sparkling in the water. It’s us against the world, baby. That always sounded more romantic when it wasn’t actually true…

But my concerns only grew over time. She refused to eat. I could cook her favourite meal and she would just stare at it. I supposed it could be a form of depression, maybe the whole thing hit her harder than thought. But I was certain my company would fix that over time. I had to carry her to bed, she wouldn’t do it on her own. I didn’t mind, I loved her, but it didn’t seem like a good sign. I didn’t want to bring her to a doctor and I knew she didn’t want to either. I don’t trust them. They’d just diagnose some made up condition and take her away from me. I wasn’t that naïve.

She never spoke. Sure lovers understand each other without words but I began to miss her sweet voice. I didn’t know what was wrong. I guessed she just didn’t know what to say. Her skin got pale, since she only spent time in the house. I picked her up and carried her outside. It was such nice weather. Autumn was coming and the leaves were bronze and golden but it was still very warm outside. I sat her on the bench and myself next to her, laying my arm over her shoulders. She looked over the water and I could have sworn I saw the slightest smile on the side of her face. We spent several hours there, just looking at the water glistening and enjoying each other’s presence. “I love you.” I said. I noticed she had turned her head to face me as she started to laugh.