Candied Heart

Part 1: Season 2, Episode 1

It was a normal day. The sun shone and Page was having a little party with her best friends tonight. She worked as a nurse in a hospital and was one of the only people who could keep up a smile in that place. Though, today nothing too horrible was seen there. Nobody got majorly hurt. Page could go home with no gross images in her head today. Though she got morbidly used to the more sickening injuries you would occasionally see.

She could always make people feel better there. Give them hope that they’ll be alright and brighten their day. It was easy to be positive as she had the five best friends she could imagine.

They all met at Rexy’s place. She was a beautiful girl and visual artist. Many people didn’t give her a chance, just thinking she’d be an arrogant meanie because she seemed to look pretty no matter what. She was the complete opposite actually, very caring and lovely. Tommy was the only one who arrived on time. Rexy and she would talk about books until Rain and Fleur arrived. Fleur would just sit down and listen to their conversation, while Rain couldn’t sit still. Jade and Page would meet at the door and the party could start.

They played games, watched a movie, danced together or had a nice dinner, sat around and talked, did silly stuff, whatever would bring fun. Later, Page, Tommy and Rexy just sat behind the couch while Jade, Rain and Fleur were outside.

“You know, this party was a lot of fun. Usually I hate parties. But it’s better when it’s just with friends.” Tommy noted while cleaning her glasses.
“I’m glad Page got you to come, Tommy. I would’ve missed you.”
Tommy smiled at Rexy.
Yeah, if Page hadn’t persuaded Tommy so much she wouldn’t have been here. In front of her. She was missing her glasses, Page noted. Oh right, she was cleaning them.
“Everything alright, Page?”
“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine. I was just thinking how weird Tommy looks without glasses.”
“You’re used to seeing me like this.” Tommy explained.
Suddenly Jade came back in, smiling like crazy.
“She said it!”
“Who said what?” Rexy was confused but Page and Tommy got an idea.
“She finally told her!”
“What did she say?” Page asked.
“I’ll just say, let them share this moment alone.” Jade’s grin grew even wider. Page had to laugh and hugged her in joy. Tommy was getting a bit red at hearing the news, but was happy too.
“Oh, you mean Rain- Aaah! Oh my gosh.”
This day couldn’t get any better!

C4nDIEd HeARt – SeASOn I - EpiSODe 13

-an’t be!”

They ju5t rolleD further down the scarCely lit hallway; The sickness in the wAlls finally got to P</&;[.. -inside. They just blankly stAred at tHe ceilinG. Her torso twisted, bones sticking out like spiK5<{;?.. -st eVerything, jusT lik3 that. The fact of iT, so unbelievable and unac%eptable, that shE was forceD to go thRough the reAlizaTion over and oveR agai&!<[-;.. –e pAin was laughable, compared to the wound in her Soul. ThEse neEdles would keep her smile in pLace;<$-;. –worms eat her arms, the smile was no longer hard to fake. Because nothing bad had happened. No. Tomorrow they’ll have the best day ever. Tomorrow nothing will go wrong.